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 €   20,00



 €   39,00



Wassen - Knippen Krullend haar - Styling 

 €   50,00



Wassen - Styling  

 €   15,00



 €   65,00



Wassen - Styling    - GLOSS & TONE*

 €   45,00



Wassen - Styling    - Kleuren compleet

 €   64,00



Wassen - Styling    - Uitgroei 2cm max 

 €   50,00



Wassen - Knippen - Styling - Hightlight contour   grey  - Toner

 €   156,00

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The Answers You Need

    • Description: Haircut length that is very close to the scalp, often using clippers or a razor.

    • Characteristics: Minimal length, often revealing the scalp or very short hair strands.

    • Examples: Buzz cut, crew cut, or a very short pixie cut.

    • Description: Haircut length that is short but not extremely close to the scalp.

    • Characteristics: Hair length is noticeable but still relatively brief, falling above the ears or near the nape.

    • Examples: Bob haircut, classic short styles, or a short crop.

    • Description: Haircut length that falls between short and long, typically reaching the shoulders or slightly below.

    • Characteristics: Versatile length, providing options for various styles and textures.

    • Examples: Shoulder-length styles, long bobs (lobs), or mid-length layered cuts.

    • Description: Haircut length that extends beyond the shoulders.

    • Characteristics: Hair is noticeably longer, allowing for various styling options and versatility.

    • Examples: Long layers, beach waves, or straight long hair.

    • Styling: After the hair is washed and cut, the stylist will proceed to style it. This can involve blow-drying, straightening, curling, or using other styling tools and products to create a finished and polished appearance.

    • Eyebrow care: Using three tools, excess hair is removed, restoring your eyebrows to their ideal shape during our regular maintenance sessions.

    Eyebrow maintenance is often done to enhance facial features, create symmetry, and achieve a polished, well-groomed appearance.

    • For shaping and maintaining your beard. Based on our craftsmanship, we carefully analyze your face shape before choosing a model together with you. Whether it concerns cutting a full beard or renewing a three-day beard, RF studio has the best cutting and trimming techniques.

    • Gloss and Toner: The treatment uses a semi-permanent hair color that typically does not penetrate the hair shaft as deeply as permanent color and gradually fades over time.
      Semi-permanent color provides a beautiful shine that fades gracefully over time, resulting in a naturally stunning appearance.
      Recommended for:
      Seeking Shine and Luster: People who want to enhance the shine and shine of their hair without committing to a permanent color change.

    • Prefer Gradual Fade: Those who prefer a hair color that fades gradually and naturally over time, allowing for an easy transition between colors or back to the natural tone.

    • Desire a Subtle Change: Individuals looking for a subtle change in hair color that contributes to an overall stunning and natural appearance.

    • Want low maintenance: People who prefer low-maintenance hair color options, as semi-permanent color typically requires less maintenance than permanent color.

    • The Gloss & Toner Treatment appears to be a versatile option for those looking to enhance the appearance of their hair with a semi-permanent color that prioritizes shine and gradual fading.

    • Regrowth: This term typically refers to the new hair that has grown since the last hair color treatment. As hair grows, the natural color of the hair at the roots becomes visible, creating a noticeable contrast with previously colored or treated hair.

    • 03 cm max: This specifies the maximum length of the regrowth that will be addressed during the hairstyling or coloring service. The stylist will focus on treating or managing the natural hair growth at the roots, and the regrowth is limited to a maximum length of 3 centimeters.

    •  Entire Head Coverage:

    The treatment covers all areas of the hair, ensuring that the color is applied uniformly from roots to tips. This is particularly useful for individuals who want a consistent and cohesive hair color.

    • Ideal for Gray Hair Coverage:

    Complete coloring is mentioned as being ideal for covering gray hair. This means the treatment is effective at concealing or blending in gray or white hairs throughout the entire head.

    • Cool or Warm GLOSS & TONER Nuance:

    The treatment may involve adding a cool or warm GLOSS & TONER nuance

    • Includes Root Touch-Ups:

    The process includes addressing the roots of the hair. Root touch-ups are essential for maintaining a seamless and natural-looking color as the hair grows.

    • Full-Color Changes:

    Complete coloring encompasses full-color changes. This means individuals can achieve a completely new hair color, whether it's a subtle shift or a dramatic transformation.

    • Elevate your style with our Highlight Contour service.

    Highlight Placement Contouring:

    Highlights are lighter sections of hair that can add dimension and contrast, creating visual interest.

    This service includes precision contouring to enhance your natural beauty, providing a sophisticated and personalized finish.Skilled stylists will strategically place highlights in your hair.



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