Highlights voor brunette



Brazilian-inspired hair, there's a popular color technique from the South American country that might help. According to Refinery29, "illuminated brunette" is a tropical take on traditional brunette hair. In fact, it mimics the natural highlights that might result from a sunny beach vacation. While we wish we could spend endless hours beachside to naturally gain sun-kissed highlights throughout our brunette locks, this technique brings a shimmery effect to your brunette locks, even if traditionally spend your days indoors at a desk.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: Low. Since the highlights are being painted on your natural base color, your hair will grow out into subtle ombré perfection.

CHOOSING A SHADE: Refer to some examples that mirror the length and brunette shade that you desire. GOES GREAT WITH: Medium tan complexions, warm undertones, brown or hazel eyes SIMILAR SHADES: brown balayage, tiger's eye, honey brown

Description of the service

For brunettes who want to lighten their hair with caramel tones.

Personal advice - washing - hair mask- cutting - styling and

Observation: with hair root coloring will be charged separately.