Beschrijving van de dienst

De keratine behandeling is bekend omdat het zelfs de moeilijkste haartypes behandelbaar maakt. Deze keratine service zorgt ervoor dat zeer droog, breekbaar haar verandert in steil, zijdezacht en glanzend haar. Deze behandeling heeft, afhankelijk van het type haar en haarstijl, al een egaliserend effect van 40% tot 100% na de eerste behandeling van 3 tot 5 maanden.

The keratin treatment is known because it makes even the most difficult hair types treatable. This keratin service ensures that very dry, fragile hair turns into straight, silky and shiny hair. This treatment, depending on the type of hair and hairstyle, already has a smoothing effect of 40% to 100% after the first treatment lasting 3 to 5 months.

Keratin treatments carry a host of benefits for strands.

  • Can cut blow-drying time in half

  • Prevents frizz in humidity

  • Smooths out the hair cuticle

  • Hair doesn't tangle as easily

  • Imparts a lustrous shine

Keratin hair treatment is great for those with frizzy hair, and is a healthier option to other straightening treatments (such as relaxers). "Because keratin treatments fill in the porous gaps in your hair strands, it completely smooths out your hair and will keep it free from frizz," she says. "Also, one of the key benefits of a keratin treatment is how it smooths out your curl pattern. If you're pressing out your hair regularly, this will save you a lot of time." In terms of shine-factor, those with naturally curly hair typically don't see shine in their hair (curls reflect light less than straight hair)–with a keratin treatment, your hair will appear loads shinier.

Observation: If you have fine and very straight hair, advises against doing keratin treatments, as they can make the hair appear flat and bodiless.